gas ram

HW 90

The air rifle with the unique Theoben gas ram system. The very fast locking time and the recoil reducing system as well as its stable and solid conception are the out-standing features.
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HW 90, Zfr., quer



Every single sports and hunting gun is inspected carefully and adjusted precisely before it leaves our premises. The projectile velocity V0 for air guns is checked to ensure that they comply with the various regulations that apply in the respective countries.

  • Please always be sure that you observe the regulations laid down in the arms legislation for your country and that you comply with all safety regulations and safety precautions that apply when handling sports guns.
  • The sports arms of our homepage can be fitted with a telescopic sight to special order (subject to an additional charge).
  • The V0 velocity values provided in m/s are guideline values and vary depending on the type of diabolo pellets used.
  • Subject to technical modifications and improvements without prior notice.