small bore repeaters

HW 66 Production

The newest model of our series of repeaters – HW 66 Production – allround rifle for target shooting and hunting purposes.
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HW 66 Jagd-Match

Especially developed for the hunter's target practice, but suitable for hunting as well. Well-designed and balanced with an excellent performance.
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HW 60 J

The ideal rifle for shooting pests, vermin and small game. Well-designed, light and well-balanced, with a very good shooting performance. Heavy barrel.
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Here you will find the available accessories for our small bore repeaters.
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Each single sporting and hunting gun is inspected carefully and adjusted precisely before it leaves our premises.

  • Please always be sure that you observe the regulations laid down in the arms legislation for your country and that you comply with all safety regulations and safety precautions that apply when handling sporting guns.
  • The given weight details may vary due to the composition of the wood.
  • Subject to technical modifications and improvements without prior notice.