handguns for blank and cs / cn cartridges

Our pistols and revolvers are well-known for their quality and reliability. Perfection and innovation are the aims we live up to. The major trigger parts are produced from steel. This offers a long service life and a good reliability.

Always pay attention to the existing regulations of gun laws in your country and to the rules of safe gun handling, especially for this kind of guns.

We offer various models for different purposes and desire:


HW 37

Classic American design. Compact and handy. Blued, with black rubber grips.
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HW 37, quer, 08-2015









HW 37, schräg


HW 88 SUPER Airweight

The lightest 9 mm revolver on the market, thanks to high-tech aluminium. In the design of a well-known American pocket revolver.
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HW 88, quer



The replica for the fan of the Wild West.
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WSA Knall, quer









WSA Knall, chrom, quer


HW 94

This pistol is unique. It uses the 9 mm revolver cartridge with nitro powder. Modern pistol design.
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HW 94, quer









HW 94, Stainless-Look, quer





  • Please always be sure that you observe the regulations laid down in the arms legislation for your country and that you comply with all safety regulations and safety precautions that apply when handling sports guns.
  • Subject to technical modifications and improvements without prior notice.