Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1.   I have contacted Weihrauch some days ago but didn´t receive any response yet.
      Due to high amount of incoming messages the response can take several days to be answered. But don´t worry, as soon as possible you will get
      an answer.

2.  Can I receive manuals or product information from you?
     Most of our manuals and catalogues are found in our download area. If anything should be missing, please contact us by e-mail for a print edition.

3.  Can I receive product guidance at Weihrauch?
     A useful guidance is the one you get from your local dealer. Because our products are consulting-intensive, you will achieve the most satisfaction
     and pleasure with our products when you test our guns at the scene.

 4.  Can I order Weihrauch products directly at your facility?
     All of our products are distributed via gun trade/dealers. This applies also for spare parts. We can give you the contact information if necessary
     (if known).

5.  I ordered a Weihrauch product at my dealer some time ago but till today I didn´t get any delivery.
     Due to high demand for our products the delivery time for certain models can take up to five months.

6.  My Weihrauch gun has a malfunction. Can I send it to your factory for repair or inspection?
     Due to strict German and different European and world-wide weapon laws (depending on country) it is very difficult to handle with this situation.
     Therefore, please contact your local dealer or distributor in your country. We can supply the contact information, if necessary.

7.  I have rust on the blued surface of my Weihrauch product.
     Old or new, the only reason for rust on the surface is wrong storage of the product and its care. For this reason please store your gun always in
     dry rooms and oil its surface from time to time even if it is not in use. Particularly insure your gun has been oiled after usage because even
     finger prints on the blueing can cause rust.

8.  I have rust on the blued surface of my Weihrauch product although I store it in a dry room.
     At the first glance a lot of rooms seem to contain dry air although this is not the case (see point 7).

9.  The pellets I use are spreading.
     The principle here is that ammunition has to be chosen individually for each gun. Remember, each gun is an individual and has its own
     characteristics. Our recommendation: Test the shooting performance with different Diabolo pellets of proper quality. This applies especially for
     newly purchased products. Your dealer is usually the right partner in terms of ammunition advice.
     Warning: use only Diabolo pellets at all! Do not use steel darts, -bolts, -balls or similar projectiles!

10. The sear in the trigger system of my HW 100 is broken.
      The sear can only break when the trigger system was detached from the rest of the system and screwed-on cocked. Modifications of the gun
      mechanism may cause a gun to malfunction and tampering with a gun may make it unsafe to use.
      may cause a gun to malfunction and tampering with a gun may make it unsafe to use.